Beautiful people

March 30, 2016

The most beautiful people in this world are those who have known defeat, suffering, struggle, loss, and have found their way out of the depths of depression.

I wish to speak plainly. I am not propagating the cult of suffering….only this is my personal take based on years of living in isolation in the harsh realities of the jungle….the very condition itself compels me to search inwards to many of life’s questions.

As only these people seem to have a genuine sense of appreciation, an uncanny sensitivity, and deep understanding of what life is truly all about.

Above all they are beautiful people as their broad life experience fills them with deep understanding for compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern.


‘When a man comes to wealth. He would do well not to allow his new found position and prestige to go up to his head like proof alcohol and corrupt his mind…it is very easy for even the most level headed man to be seduced into this mind trap …that is why if you take the time to observe…there seems to be so many delusional people who seem to do very little except mythologize their rise to power, till at some point the man itself disappears as everyone considers him a God…..these people are completely removed from reality and should one be entangled with them, even so much as slightly… you too will be swept along by the tsunami of endless bullshit and smoke and mirrors that can only take you further away from living a truthful life.

When a man comes to wealth…influence and power will follow in it’s wake, instead of being swept away by this heady mix – this man should diligently set upon his next way point in the journey of life – he should proceed to shed his loud, boastful and aggressive ways and strive to be as soft as the petals of a flower. Being gentle and soft is the highest form of mastery over the self….it is in my opinion the most highly evolved way for one to manage oneself and others.

As implicit within this arrangement of personal conduct is one’s recognition – the world and everything that is of it is elementally very fragile….everything if you care to observe is very crumbly and delicate in and of this world…the atmosphere of the planet is nothing more than a wafer thin film….pollute it too much by being callous and disrespectful to nature and soon it will begin to malfunction…this is why we are all experiencing this bout of crazy hot weather…all this is man made!

The same Dao (way) applies to people as well, they are all very delicate and fragile and when one comes to terms with this reality – it is simply an act of recognizing our own capacity to do harm and this insight should motivate us to dedicate all of our intellect to renounce our loud, brash and aggressive ways….and to adopt instead a gentler, soft-spoken, quiet and modest demeanor.

Being gentle doesn’t imply weakness…not at all – when a man is able to cry, it does not mean he is no longer a man or that it somehow subtracts from his manliness…it simply means he has made a life changing connection somewhere between his heart and mind and above all he too recognizes his own fragility and vulnerability as well…such a man is very grounded….very pleasing to all our senses as he is in perfect harmony with the way of the world and our universe.

And this connection is what gives his capacity for gentleness strength. As the discipline to remain gentle and soft usually requires the highest level of effort and cerebral fitness….. This capacity to reflect deeply on things is what enables a man to stay connected to the goal of creating a new improved man…it is the nexus that allows the man who is continuously improving to always remain centered in our own values and strength…..true power is very soft and so very gentle.’

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