Here we go again! The rerun of the haze

April 4, 2016

By now we all know how the narrative of the circus show will pan out. Oh dear! It’s burning again. People are mobilized. Politicians hurl polemics, more should be done! The Indonesians respond in the same manner with ridiculous statements. Meanwhile everyone goes around wearing gas mask.

It’s the same shit, different day story….Same old old lah.


‘Nothing can be done about the haze, simply because very little to nothing has been done to mitigate the perennial haze at a meaningful level. Since the problem is lies a systematic level as many of the oil palm concessions should NOT have been gazetted for clearing in the first place as they run along peat veins – once these subterranean veins ignite, it’s quite impossible to extinguish them. What is sorely needed is a network of inter connected canals and water locks that cross cross the fire prone plantations. Without this, it’s quite pointless to talk about water bombing planes and fire fighters to tackle this problem, that’s like trying to bring down an elephant with a peashooter.

Above all what is sorely needed is a dedicated team of frontier men who are embedded in Indonesia to work alongside these plantation owners to build these network of fire prevention canals….it’s fair to say without all these assets on the ground. We don’t need spy satellites with flir and spectral imaging to tell us what will happen or who is or is not burning – that to me has no intrinsic value. The resolve needed to solve this perennial problem that I believe we can only expect with increasing frequency and ferocity due to global warming is simply frontier men who may ask, ‘how many of kilometers of canals did we build today?’

Without this hardy breed of men at ground level who are able to endure hardships and prosecute seriously on this agenda 365 days a year! We don’t have a chance in hell to nail the four corners of this menace. That in a nut is how I see it. As let me speak plainly, we face an acute shortage of frontier men in Singapore. We have plenty of men who are terminally addicted to air con and the flabby good life, but none who can do all this. Most who can do all this have already packed up and left Singapore for good and it’s unlikely they will ever return again. Hence the DNA that once made possible the idea of the superman is no longer available in Singapore to support the formation of a new cohort! As in Singapore the very idea of the frontier man is seldom given the either the nourishment or encouragement to grow. Many Singaporeans view the frontier man as an imperialist. A post modernist neo colonist, who is no better than a conquisatdor. Therefore this breed of men have been shamed as their way of life along with ethos is often perceived to be unfashionable and filled with so many hardships that many much prefer to stay within their comfort zone in Singapore. Rather than going out to discover their El Derado.

If I had a fleet of lorries and excavators and only ten frontier men in bicycles who are able to cover a footprint of 500 square kilometers….and a presidential decree to do what I deem necessary to mitigate burning…all our problems will disappear like lemon drops. Of that I have never been in doubt!

So all we can really expect is more of the same burn baby, baby burn….that to me is none other than the mathematics of reality! i.e it is what it is!

As you can all see, I harbor no illusions as to how we may prescribe a solution to this problem.’

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