When ‘leaders’ squabble like monkeys

April 12, 2016

Other monkeys will look. Then they will also do as well….who then stops them?

Do you see the problem when ‘leaders’ don’t behave like leaders.


‘Dr LWL certainly has a valid point of view. So does her elder brother. He also has a valid point of view as well.

But what does one hope to do by taking this spat into the public domain? What might these people be trying to prove?

It’s after all a private family matter that should be settled behind closed doors.

After all, who benefits from all this when it’s played out so publicly a la pasar malam style? I don’t mind telling you all, looking at this is not only embarrassing, but it also makes my toe curl inwards as well for some inexplicable reason….so the short answer is no one stands to gain from this circus show. In fact all this only makes ordinary people lose confidence in ‘leaders,’ as they don’t seem to be like leaders at all. To me it’s very scary when people who manage billions decide to send out pics of monkeys making rude gestures….I question their judgement, discipline and methods….and that I imagine is what most people would probably do as well….if you don’t, then you’re probably a monkey.’

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