Easy Target

April 13, 2016

Dr LWL is not very beautiful or cute. She also comes across as weird as well…sometimes. And since she not the dangerous type, she comes across as someone who doesn’t have any power to destroy anyone…that is why when she says certain things and sticks to her guns some people come down hard very hard on her. But usually these same cowards will never do the same to those who have power to destroy them.


‘People are generally nasty to weird people. They take that attitude because it’s socially acceptable to do so. As it is very common for most people to have neither the time or patience to understand weird people.

Since I am a bit weird as well…..I know all this from first hand experience. Fortunately, I am born with big liquid eyes and look very cute, so whenever evil people bully me. Usually it’s not uncommon for strangers to come to my rescue and beat the shit out of them.

Besides, I happen to be rich as well and the funny thing is when you are wealthy – no one ever thinks you are weird even when you are really weird – they rather use words like ‘unique’ ‘one of a kind’ etc etc. The best part of being really rich is no one messes with me these days. As they all know all I need to do to fix them is reach for my phone just like ordering pizza. Neither can they ignore me and give me the silent treatment, not at the terrible cost of hurting their business opportunity and bank balance. That’s how I get by in this world. That’s how I stay in one piece.

However for the vast majority of weird people out there ….they don’t nearly have the life skills I have picked up along the way.

That is precisely why as a society who is genuinely committed to make the world a better place – we ALWAYS have to make the extra effort to offer these category of people protection against malevolent forces.

As usually these special people have uncommon honesty and insight…that’s natures way of compensating them for their weirdness – what she takes with one hand she gives back with another – so although they may rub some people the wrong way, the important thing is they are usually well intentioned and without malice. To me these are rare, admirable and valuable qualities that we must always protect. When we do this….we give ourselves and others the permission to speak the truth without fear or favor.’

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