Don’t fuck around with autistic folk

April 14, 2016

Normal people are just determined. But it’s very easy for autistic people to be fanatical without even trying very hard…trust me….so when they set their mind to do something, usually we work at it non stop 365, 24/7 and it’s the only thing there is and it’s as good as a done deal!

I want you all to keep this at the back of your head as I feel there is deficit of respect here!

Normal people cannot do this….no they cannot. As Dick Lee once said, ‘you only think you can!’…but I can and so can my entire gang….so if you touch one of us, we will set aside our differences and come after you…..please remember it’s not personal, it’s a vampire and brotherhood thingy, because in the order of things that is how it will go down, so please leave Dr LWL alone.

This is my last and final warning to the internet brigade….as our spies have informed us there is going to be another name and shame campaign…yes, you are right we have spies embedded in your camp…keep this always in mind, I really dowan to drop a cerebral atomic bomb on anyone…remember I have renounced my evil ways before the entire world on 2013….please help me to be a productive member of society…please… everything so that I don’t relapse back into my evil ways….think! Use your mentality, one day if you’re applying for a job, it could well be one of us on the other side….one day if you desperately need a business loan…ditto….is it worth it?

As you can see we can duck and fuck up your entire life!

Just remember this – live and let live! And everything will work out well!

My name is Darkness….I am incredibly cute and I come in the name of peace!


‘When I had nothing to call my own. I said to myself one day before the mirror…I will make something out of this heap. Today it is so different, when I go for a business meeting everyone is there half a hour before I appear…..I can even demand really crazy things and no one will bat an eyelid like insisting that a presentation be done backwards….most people will just say, he is a genius!…yes, it’s a marvelous suggestion as things are much clearer when we do it his way – on one occasion, I even decided to share with everyone in a serious business meeting why I think it would be best if we all refrained from consuming milk products and everyone was so thankful and even thought I was the world’s most caring and considerate man…..there are times when I sit all by myself and wonder perhaps whether it’s the world that is weird and not really me.’

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