The Gentleman

April 14, 2016

Respect: A Gentlemen respects everyone from the most prestigious to a homeless bag man. A gentleman always reminds himself – one never knows what people have and will have to continue going through in life, so it’s best to suspend judgement and begin by giving everyone the courtesy of good light.

Good manners: A Gentleman has impeccable manners. He stands up when a lady walks into a room and does the same when she departs. He is considerate and never cuts in mid way in a conversation and is always careful not cause others discomfort.

Ambition: A Gentleman is a very driven man. But what distinguishes this quality of men from all other men is he is first and foremost a man of action. A gentlemen is short on the talking and long on the doing.

Honor: A gentleman’s word is as good as a promissory note from the Bank of England. This is a hallmark of a true gentleman.


‘I don’t really know how it happens….but usually it goes something like this. In the beginning nothing really stands out about me. But since I am by nature a very calm fellow who doesn’t fidget very much or even feel the need to ask questions or impress others….I am usually quite contend to sit quietly all by myself.

In a business setting. I find that at some point every woman will always talk to me. Usually I don’t feel the need to say anything about myself – but for some inexplicable reason they will always continue talking while I listen attentively. Then at some point in the conversation, they will ask whether I would like to continue the conversation during dinner – since I happen to have a very high metabolic rate. I am hungry all the time. So now I find myself having a conversation with this woman while we are eating and that is when it gets very complicated. Because they expect me to do something….I don’t know what it is they expect….but I can sense they expect something from me. And when I don’t understand what I am supposed to do….that bothers me. Only for them to scold me for not being a gentleman.

Some people say I am autistic that is why I can never understand what they expect from me. These days, I don’t have that problem any longer. As I decline all invitation for meals, not even when they offer to treat me. But in truth, all I want to be is a perfect gentleman. That is why I consider myself very lucky to be able to live my life in my private plantation – as it’s my own world within the world….these days I dine alone.’

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