When friends can either make or break you

April 14, 2016

This always happens to me. I take a seat in a cafe, restaurant or a park bench….suddenly I notice someone following me. Soon I realize he or she means me no harm…..I can tell, trust me, everyone who lives in the wild has the ability to tell.

They all seem hesitant, pensive as if, they need to tell me something very important….prophetic…something that they have been carrying secretly in their heart for such a very long time…something intensely private that ONLY two people on this planet can ever understand, not even their wife, husband, girl or boy friend, father and mother, brother and sister and best buddy can understand…only two people on this planet and now they simply have to walk the end of the last leg to close that circle….then it all comes out.

Are you Darkness?

Yes, please take a seat….please.

I just want to tell you some years back ago, you told me to take a chance on life….I want to tell….I did and I never looked back since….thank you Darkness.

It’s always like that.


‘I never mix with people who drag me down! Never. That’s why I am by nature a very reserved person who always seems to be very comfortable in his own private world….that’s because I am always careful about letting people in. As I know only too well they can either affect me negatively or positively.

Neither will you ever see me going around in endless circles like some people either. There are really so many of those sort of people out there. You visit their Facebook or blog and it’s the same old shit different day routine…gahmen is bad….gahmen is bad, look see for yourself…this…that and that etc etc.

For me if the gahmen is crappy, I may just write about it a couple of times and if nothing changes, I will vote will my slippers to make my way to greener pastures.

I don’t ever see the wisdom of flogging a dead horse or talking to a wall. As I am always mindful of falling into a mindless trap that sucks up my time and energy.

To me if it’s over, I grieve and after that I cut my losses and move right on.

I don’t ever care what you choose to call me, quitter or whatever…It cuts no ice with me…I am gone like the wind into my future…and my life is the clearest expression of that. Many people may talk about stepping outside their comfort zone, undertaking a paradigm shift, thinking out of the box, doing something you have never done before….but very few have actually taken that leap and landed safely on the other side to say, ‘phew!’

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