Spectator shoe project

April 16, 2016


Originally it looks like this. Then….






Because I am autistic. I can only work alone. During my university days. I worked many jobs ranging from a tower post installer who solo climbs skyscrapers to a welder in a shipyard. But one of the most interesting jobs that I ever apprenticed in was a shoe patinage and galcage tradesman – it’s a job that only very few tradesman can aspire too as it requires a whole gamut of skills ranging from leather curing, preparation to tanning along with bringing out the natural beauty of leather – I was exceptionally good at my job.

A patinage by a skilled artisan would usually range from anywhere between SGD$800 to $2,000 – I was somewhere around the $1,500 mark – really rich shoe cognoscenti’s would send in their shoes and I would transform them from mundane footwear to a work of art.

If you want this service for your high priced boring shoes, just drop me a post and I will give you my address where you can send your shoes to be worked on….I reserve the right to full creative license. I don’t ever take orders.

3 months you will get it back. The leather has to be fair, tanned or fawn shoes are very good. Otherwise it’s no good. I don’t charge for my services BUT I expect you to make a substantial donation to the path light school in Singapore for my services.

I work on a honor and trust basis…so I will leave it to you to make good on your part of the bargain.

I don’t want anything…..since I don’t ever watch TV, I much prefer to work with my hands during the evenings in the plantation.

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