Opportunity or trap?

April 24, 2016

I have been offered a parcel of land to buy…..it’s a sweet piece of land that will double my current holdings. But suddenly I find it so very difficult to believe this to be true. As I have fought for so many years against the consortium that is created specifically to prevent me from expanding my business….all I have ever known is hardship, strife and suffering….and now this….how can this be true….nothing has ever come to me without having to stick my neck out…every inch of land that I have has been paid for with blood and tears…how can it be so easy this time round…how is that even possible….maybe it is a trap.

Maybe I got lucky this time….maybe I am just there at the right time and place….maybe someone upstairs is looking down at me and he’s smiling.


‘If I can conclude this deal. It would deal a decisive blow to my business rivals. Not any blow, but one that will be so shocking that it will certainly demoralize them completely and divide at least half of them and compel many to question whether it is still worthwhile to continue fighting me.

After all, it will be a very expensive proposition and an awfully dangerous one for any of them to continue to resist me AFTER this….at this level of the game….if they scale it wrong…it’s sudden death.

I would no longer a pocket battle ship. I will have the capacity to take the battle to them and inflict real and lasting damage. I must strike hard. I must strike like a cobra…for so many years I have laid low, remained quiet and so very still like a stone….now opportunity presents itself for the very first time after so many years. I must strike decisively with the element of surprise firmly on my side. I will never have another clear shot as perfect as this…the stars only line up this perfectly once in a man’s lifetime and no more…why it lines up is not for me to know. The only thing is to seize the opportunity and strike now!

Thereafter I will say I am sorry and pretend to be remorseful and sue for peace the best I can.

I do not expect all to come to the table….but enough will and that is all that matters.

I must strike! I must….but why am I delaying?’

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