Heatwave to last till Sept?

April 28, 2016

I know you get rain in Singapore. But where I turn the wheel of life up north – it’s dry. When it rains, it’s Mickey Mouse rain…no good.

I started to implement a series of radical measures to mitigate the effects of lack of precipitation and sharply increased temperatures.

Firstly, the scheduled manuring dosages for the month of April has been sharply reduced from 3 Kg per palm to 2.3 Kg. The selection of fertilizer has also been tweaked to take stock of lower precipitation. To complement this I have also started pruning the excess fronts to limit the effects of trans aspiration (trees losing moisture thru the foliage when exposed to the scorching sun).

Pruning is a very delicate and risky affair. As when too many leafs are removed it can negatively effect the ability of the tree to conduct photosynthesis – but if too little leafs are removed, it may exacerbate moisture loss thru leaf exposure to the harsh rays of the sun.

The balance has to be exactly right.

The way I see it, the last of the rains will begin petering off by mid May and the onset of the South Westerly Monsoon will probably presage the arrival of the dry season that will last from June till possibly early September.

I don’t expect the yield to be spectacular at all during this period – it will most probably nose dive dramatically as we creep further into May.

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