When silence is golden

April 28, 2016

When everyone expects you to say something and you decide to keep quiet….that is when your silence speaks volumes.

When everyone expects you to say something and you decide to talk, talk and talk…that is when all your talking speaks nothing.


‘My recent land acquisition has created a lot of speculation amongst my business rivals…it has become the talk of the whole town – they all cannot figure out how is it possible for a wash out to pull a rabbit out of the hat. You see it’s very simple, for the last five years….I have been playing dead. I have been doing such a good job of remain still and keeping ultra low profile…then suddenly this!

I am remind of Sun Tzu’s axiom – when strong pretend to be weak.

To add to heady mix I have spread many rumors in the market – When some people ask me how did I manage to arrange the financing…I told them casually, it’s a donation. Fortunately these days such incredulous fairytale accounts are very believable…since they are occurring all the time (real or imagined matters not). To other groups, I told them, I have created a consortium to call my own….then to others, I told them, I am not the actual owner…I am just a proxy for the powers that be….pointing skywards only to walk away….leaving a question mark in the air.

The goal is to create so much confusion, disorientation and disinformation that it makes it quite impossible for my business rivals to get a handle over the situation – all they have is smoke and mirrors and a lot of holograms galore and this should be enough for the time being to blunt any counter attack.

Nonetheless. A counter attack will come very soon….of that I have absolutely no doubt. That is one reason why I have specifically included so many penalty clauses in the land agreement. I expect a very robust resistance.

Hence it’s necessary for me to maintain this fog of confusion to mask my real intentions while I proceed. This will force many of my business rivals to come to the table and talk peace…either that or they will have send emissaries to explore the possibility of a detente.

Now many of my business rivals are still reeling from this surprise attack. But soon they will recover, regroup and strategize their new course of action.

Meanwhile I must find a way to divide and rule them….the best way to accomplish this is to provision infinite dead ends to waste their time and suck up valuable men and material. Otherwise, this can all turn very ugly as now I have both my feet planted in the boxing ring…the blessing comes with the curse…I have to fight to the very end now. Retreat is no longer possible…..I am too deep…well past the point of no return.’

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