Who are you?

April 30, 2016

What matters most is NOT who you are, it’s who you will become and this power is at this very moment in your hands. This is not theory, it’s fact as it is reality. What really matters is the choices we make in life. Who we are now and in the past is over…it’s water under the bridge. Forget it! But the choices we decide to make tomorrow , the day after, a week or month from now….that’s what will ultimately shape us all into who we are.


‘The question of who you are? Is and will always be quite irrelevant to me. The reason why I say this is simply because when I reflect back on my own life – not many people have respected or even regarded me as someone worthy. Truth is they don’t understand what I am doing or even working towards. So I don’t really blame them. That is how life is. As it’s quite hard for them to believe that a man digging a hole under the hot sun can really amount to very much in life. That’s how it is with most people – they draw simple line conclusions that often do not correspond to reality.

What’s jugular is who you will be…as that question is future sense, it’s something that will happen down the road of life….and most importantly is the understanding – this power to effect transformational change is already in the palm of your hands. You don’t have to seek it out from anyone….if you think God is necessary, then go ahead, but to me he’s optional. As what’s important for your understanding is this power is in your hand!

I need to emphasize this point not only once, but many times it seems. As very often we experience feelings of inadequacy, unhappiness and grief simply because we lose sight of this simple reality.

Who we are is not important….who we will become is very important!

This I imagine is why there are so many people who still continue to unnecessarily work themselves up over the question of – who am I? They are so fixated and obsessed by this that it’s so easy to distract, disable and derail them from their life goals. All you have to do is disrespect them a bit and they will take it so personally that it will eat and destroy them from within!

Worst of all. This is a matter that they have left entirely to other people to determine. Hence when others tell them to go there, off they go. If they say turn left, they follow and so on and so forth. So they go around trying to please ‘others’ (whoever they may be) who they think have the power to define who they are…..and most of the time, they end up nowhere!

Why? Because they never do what I consider to be most needful – that is to sit down and think very hard about who they want to be and how to become that person!

I realized I had to do this very early on in life, because I am autistic and when your brain is going the opposite direction from most people. They are bound to think I am odd and peculiar and so I will never be promoted in any organization…unless of course I happen to work for a very understanding boss who takes the trouble to understand why my brain is the way it is. Unfortunately in life, no body seems to be very interested to understand other people, they are fixated on their own problems and their own lives and that is only natural. So I realized that I had to take control and once you reach this diamond realization…YOU HAVE TO TAKE CONTROL…you suddenly have the confidence to do many things – that is why when people talk behind my back and whisper, he is a nobody that has dirt underneath his nails and is going nowhere. I just ignore them and continue to do my own thing. You have a gang, you want me to conform to what you all believe to be some so called norms, guess what see that door…I am walking thru it. Finish. I go my way!

I never follow other people. I am not saying your way leads nowhere. But I have to follow my own path that is all. So don’t take it personally, it’s strictly business for me.

Neither do I empower ‘others’ with the right to define who I am….you can certainly try….only remember the door! As who I am will always be a matter to be defined by only me and no one else. That is my right. I don’t say this causally, it’s a matter of upmost seriousness to me….the business of who I am, that is.’

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