Good and bad memories

May 1, 2016

When one is autistic. No one wants to see or talk to you. Even parents of autistic kids don’t ever want to be associated with you. As you are a constant reminder of their pain. Everyone behaves as if you are not there, even those who claim sympathy for autistic people do this without realizing it – and they all seem to carry that painted expression that says, I hope he doesn’t come near us….otherwise, we would have to call people in white coats to lock him up some faraway attic.

When I was very young. Many teachers used to beat me up. I don’t blame them. As during my time the technology and knowledge about autism was severely lacking and they could only think…. I was naughty. But there was one very kind teacher who had an unusual fondness for me and she would often protect me like a guardian angel.

One day this kind lady turned to me when we were both sitting down watching trees in a park. She cupped my little face and said to me, ‘you must run…you must run as fast as your little legs can take you. I don’t know where you should run. I wished, I could tell you….but I don’t know. All I know is you cannot stay here. Otherwise they will kill you! Promise me that you will run as fast as the wind.’

I promised her.



‘When people don’t treat you well. Never get angry. That’s a bloody waste of energy. Instead get even….when all you seem to have is bad memories. Again…don’t fret. Remember. Nothing in this world happens for no rhyme or reason. Just hold on to them and remember why you need to move out from where you are. And should you have any doubt why you need to pick up and leave, just remember those bad memories. Suddenly when you do just that….you find you have wings to fly! Only those who know the secret of bad memories know of this super power….people who only collect good memories have absolutely no idea how to harness this power.

Like I said, bad things don’t just happen without any rhyme or reason…but even if they do. You can always make use of those painful experiences. You can always learn from them to add depth and breath to your character and sharpen your wisdom…experience all things in life…the good, bad and ugly.’

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