May 6, 2016

Detente is not peace. No it is not! It is only the appearance of peace premised on an agreement to keep the status quo ante on condition that one agrees to stay within a prescribe limit while the other side does the same.

Detente is only an agreement to disagree while seeming to keep the peace. Nothing more or less.


‘In life there are certain positions one has to take that is strategic. Those positions may not necessarily be very pleasant or even friendly, but they have to be taken as they pay out a maximum utility in game theory i.e to ensure that things do not go from bad to worse. For example, at times it makes far more sense to say to one’s business rivals…look here, we can spend our time, resources and energy fighting each other. Or alternatively, I take the western side while you stay to the east of the river. You have my solemn word whatever business that falls within the eastern zone is yours and I will agree not to bid for it and you will do me the courtesy to do the same for all businesses that are within the Western zone.

Of course what is seldom ever discussed in detente even the best crafted detente must at some point involve plans to project into the eastern zone without the knowledge of the other side. Both sides will have to craft secret plans to invade the other….in which case a state of detente is usually a prelude to a cold War.

A Cold War is the art of fighting without ever seeming to fight…a dirty war.’

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