The week that never was

May 18, 2016

(This is a story of a man who disappears completely from the face of this planet for one whole entire week. The names and places have been changed….they have to be. It all began when the man visited the city recently.)

‘When the man eventually woke up. He found himself in a prison cell. There were about eight other men in the cell. One of them quipped to another,’what do you think he’s in for?’ No one answer him. All he could make out were blurred and darkened figures standing before him. The man’s head was spinning. He had been hit hard. Even then he was not afraid. As he had known this place before somewhere in the depths of the previous chapters of his many forgotten lives that all added up to make the story of so many men in a man….where he was, the man knew only too well, as the story of how he or any man had taken a wrong turn in life.’

(I shall write later when I return from the field)

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