An unexpected invitation for dinner

May 19, 2016

I’ve been invited for a formal nine course dinner by a group of landowners who have created a blockade to stop me from acquiring more land for the last five years. I don’t know what to expect from all this. It literally come out from the blue. But if I decline the invitation, it may be interpreted as a sign of belligerence and misconstrued as an act of war. Therefore I have agreed to attend.

When I am there, I will be on my best behavior and at some point I will probably switch to my Adolf Hitler mode just after he had annexed Austria and look them all in the eye and tell them in a sincere tone – this is my last land acquisition…I have no more money to buy land….I am all tapped out.

I will also tell them all that I harbor no imperialistic aspirations whatsoever and that I am content with what I have and there is no reason to fear me. All I want to do is get along with everyone in the name of eternal brotherhood and friendship….that is of course all a big fat lie lah.

Thereafter I will tear up the peace agreement and commence in earnest to extend further to acquire more land to the East. The Western side is now in my pocket. I must. I will push further into the East!

I am now like Hiryu two minutes after the other three aircraft carriers have been set ablaze…..I must pull a rabbit out of the hat!

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