Antiquing shoe project – Patine de chaussures

May 19, 2016


From this pair of loser shoes to…..


An object of desire…a must have for every gentleman.


‘I don’t ever need others to acknowledge that I am exceptionally good at what I decide to put my mind to start and end….I don’t ever crave the approval and acknowledgement of others. Never!

I just don’t.

To me that sort of attitude smacks of insecurity and lack of confidence. I just know deep down, I am the very best at what I do. Many people I notice seem to have great difficulty coming to terms with what they wish to regard as arrogance. That is their right.

But it doesn’t alter reality.

Fortunately for those who are well versed with my wide range of shoe antiquing repertoire, they simply choose to regard my confidence or arrogance as an outward expression of my faith in my impeccable craftsmanship and ability to deliver to spec. That is why 95% of my customers are still Japanese and they choose to remain faithful to me despite the three month wait.

These professionals are a different kettle of fish from the wannabe crowd. For one, they never ever feel intimidated or small by my outward expression of confidence in my craft whenever I share with them how I create la effect. As very often they demonstrate a keen sense to learn, accumulate knowledge and improve their understanding on the lost craft of shoe antiquing. It’s always a pleasure for me to work alongside people who can appreciate my skills without getting personal or having to deal with insecure people. On the contrary, they frequently share with me that’s one reason why they entrust me completely to decorate their bespoke handmade expensive shoes that sometimes run into SGD$5,000 to 10,000…..never be afraid to say to others, you are the best!…never!…you should only really fear if you don’t cut the grade!’

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