The ego trap

May 19, 2016

Man’s ego is like a glutton with an insatiable appetite, it’s like one of those savage deities that is always craving for blood sacrifices.

That is why when a man doesn’t take the trouble to set aside some quiet time to discover who he is and why he’s born in this timeline. Or even feel the need to interrogate himself on basic questions such as what does it mean to be human…alive…present or what is consciousness. Then he can ONLY end up as a mindless slave to the evil God of his ego – he will always be self conscious, instead of internally whole, complete and secure. Oh, he drives a better car than me. He lives in a better neighborhood. He wears a Rolex etc etc. Once you are self conscious, then one can only be entangled in jealously, resentment, revenge and getting even etc etc. But my point is all these needless preoccupation with the self stems from a self consciousness mind and the perceived need to satisfy our deep seated feelings of anxiety that comes from feeling lesser of a man.


‘During my last visit to the city. A man strode up to my table when I was dinning and demanded that I take off my sun glasses, ‘I don’t like the way you look at me!’ I told this fellow in a calm and gentle voice, ‘that’s not really YOU talking….it’s your insecurity…search yourself please.’

Within a matter of seconds this man’s resolve began to crumble from deep within…it was as if a spiritual atomic bomb was denoted somewhere between his soul and consciousness. It was if he had suddenly awakened from a deep slumber and now the world was never as clear as it was. Soon he was reduced into a babbling child and apologizing for his untoward behavior. I went on to tell him, I wear sunglasses as I am sensitive to city lights and it has nothing whatsoever to do with disrespect for anyone or any institution. That was when he wanted to justify his actions, but again I disarmed him in a calm voice, ‘please get a hold on your ego!’ And again the air went right out of him. Eventually this man apologized for his untoward behavior…this only goes to illustrate how hopelessly rudderless man really is….like I said, mankind is right mess emotionally, psychologically and spiritually….he’s lost, fumbling in the dark, but what is even worse, is he believes whole heartedly where he is heading…that is the real tragedy of mankind!’

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