The man who can never seem to get a decent haircut

May 23, 2016

There is a character in my village that everyone knows as mop head. On other occasions, the villagers call him pineapple head. As that is really what he looks like. Sometimes a pineapple, but most of the time a mop.

Mr Mop head goes to the most expensive barber in the city once every three months, but he always returns complains, ‘no matter how much I pay for a haircut….I always end up looking like shit!’

One day Mr Mop head came to me and asked, why has heaven cursed me with a mop head?

I asked him to meet in the local indian barber shop. When he arrived, he wanted to say something, but I told mop head, save it for later….when he sat down, again he wanted to issue out instructions to the barber…again, I said please save it for later, while telling the barber, give him a haircut that you have always wanted to give him…..thereafter when Mr Mop head emerged from the barber shop, he was reincarnated as the most handsome man in the village.


‘If you genuinely desire maximum satisfaction and bang for your buck when dealing with creative people – then be careful not to put them in a straight jacket or destroy their creative rhythm…learn to respect their craft after all they live it everyday of their lives, surely they know more about it than you will ever know….where possible suspend judgement and keep an open mind….make the effort to go along with the flow and above all give them your blessings. Accord them the highest level of trust, confidence and free rein to do what they believe will yield the best results for you

And usually if you just do that from my experience….you will get something memorable and very special and if you make the effort to do it right – you may just see the world slightly differently from the way you have always seen it.’

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