If you want to be successful fast…then

May 24, 2016

Consider limiting your time with people who only seem to make you feel important, comfortable and content to be in your comfort zone cave…like happy people. No doubt! Being in the company of those who you are most comfortable with will certainly boost our mood and probably never ever make you feel out of place.

But serious people may be worth more of our time.

Granted, serious folks are unlikely to make you laugh. Most of them are probably very intimidating as they seem to know a lot of stuff that you probably don’t know…in some cases, they may even make you feel so small and insignificant…as most serious folk are high nett worth individuals. However these are also the same people who are more likely to talk about things more substantive than what happening with Kim Kardashians tits and ass, sports, pop culture or their cucumber facial therapy.

Serious people may be more likely to make a difference in the world. Happy people are more likely to feel things are pretty good as they are whereas sober types may be more in touch with what’s wrong and thus acquire the drive to improve things. Perhaps that’s why many world-changing people are very serious.

‘I only want to circulate with people who I can let my hair down with….but I really can’t afford to do that…I cannot. I have to stretch myself….that means I make a real effort to only mix with folk who only own more than 1,000 hectares…as they all seem to own helicopters and private jets….I know it sounds as if I am into self flagellation….but that’s what it really takes to motivate me to higher ground!

You see it’s really simple….I need to feel like shit…as if I am just a worm…and when I feel like that I get angry and I hold to that and that takes me one step higher.

I know it sounds crazy, but that’s really how the game is played. If you don’t have the IQ to understand that, it doesn’t mean what I just said is a crock of shit..it just means you have never walked the razor before.’

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