Be good at what you do and $ will come

May 25, 2016

I am not like some people who have ten bullet points on how to be successful that they laminate and carry around in their wallet.

I am just exceptionally good at what I do….probably the best in the world…’s very boring, but that’s the beginning and end.


‘I’ve never ever chase money. Never! By this I mean if I am going to tender for a agri consultancy project, usually if the client is skeptical about my claims – I will formally write to their management to give me their least productive plot to optimize. When the job comes to me, it’s not unusual for me to spend days in the field planning – what needs to be done. During the doing stage, it is not uncommon for me to camp out in the field and supervise the works.

After all that, usually I hear nothing from my prospective clients for months…at other times it runs into years…..that’s the nature of agriculture. Meanwhile everyone laughs at me and they all whisper behind my back, look at that fool! He puts in all the effort, but he gets nothing!

But eventually the phone always rings and I ALWAYS get awarded the contract.

It’s always like that.

Be good at what you do….because when you are really really good…that’s really the alpha and omega, the rest you could just as well throw right out of the window. Truth is no one gives two hoots about whether you have good or bad social IQ and all the politicking in the whole wide world is never ever going to change the facts of life, if you are lousy.

But if you just focus on being really exceptionally good at what you do – no one can ever dictate terms to you (they wouldn’t dare, they have no bargaining power) and the best thing is, you can ask any price you want – and they will say yes…..otherwise you can always walk away….but who is the client going to go too then?’

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