Victory breeds ONLY complacency

May 29, 2016

Things don’t often go my way without me having to put in a lot of effort and taking loads of risk…..but sometimes when it runs so clear and sweet and pans out marvelously in the way I have always imagined it….that’s when I suddenly break out in cold sweat and start shaking uncontrollably while everyone is celebrating.

As I know only too well….I am going to get soft and flabby and even do stupid things like let my guard down and take a nap.


‘The origin of the term ((戦勝病 senshoubyou) in Japanese is associated with the Japanese advance in the Pacific Theater of World War II – after attacking Pearl Harbor in 1941, Japan won a series of nearly uninterrupted victories against the Allies in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Although the Japanese had planned to establish a perimeter and go on the defensive, victories encouraged them to continue expanding to where it strained logistics and the navy. This culminated in the Battle of Midway in 1942, a catastrophic defeat of the Japanese navy: all four Japanese aircraft carriers involved were sunk, and the hitherto unstoppable Japanese advance was blunted. Thereafter the tide of war for the Japanese reversed.

In military war games, on virtually every occasion when the IJN combined fleet is pitted against what the Americans cobbled together in Midway – the outcome is always the same, the Japs win and the Americans lose all their carriers and mid way is overrun. This occurs in virtually every play out….but reality is very different it seems.

There are many lessons to be learnt here in the art of war. There are even more lessons to be gleaned by businessman who are serious about the business of succeeding.

The first and foremost lesson is trust your capabilities and assumptions LEAST when things seem to go your way all the time…if possible remove yourself from the euphoria and never be lulled into complacency that things will always continue to go your way.

Be suspicious of everything. Interrogate everything even the most benign. Take nothing for granted and always keep a low profile.

Above all train, train and train for the worst case scenario…this way nothing will ever acquire the element of surprise…without surprise there can be no decisive victory!’

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