Why bad things happen to good people

May 30, 2016

When bad things happen….that’s just life’s way of telling you that you’re very small and insignificant in the general scheme of things and that’s not bad at all. Not at all…As it keeps one grounded and humble and in touch with reality.


‘In the wake of bad things….usually one’s world skips a beat. Suddenly everything that you thought was rock stable is now unhinged….shifting…creeping and giving way to something very uncertain. That’s not such a bad thing, not if you allow fear to work thru you. As when things are going well, one seldom ever feels the need to interrogate the self or to even ask deep spirited questions concerning whether it could have been better done, said or thought out…but in the thick of the bad, when one is marrooned in one’s own skull and nursing one’s courage against incredible odds. Suddenly all these thoughts acquire a poignancy and sharpness. Suddenly it all becomes so very clear…what’s really important and useless…what should have been done. There is much to be learnt in the low….. I reckon. Only remember while pain may well be inevitable…suffering, I reckon is always optional.’

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