Day to day creativity

May 31, 2016

To me creativity doesn’t mean you have to crack your head to come out with the next iPod or discover an innovative means to power space ships all the way to Mars. In my understanding of that, when I say one is creative, it simply means one is constantly thinking about life to make it better for oneself and others. One can really only be creative if one is serious about living a thinking life to make it better.


‘We can be creative in relationships…to bring out the best in one another. One can even be creative in cooking, tidying up the house or how to make better use of quality time besides whiling it away aimlessly during the weekend walking around another faceless mall. Creativity can even be used to manage conflict where no one has to lose face….it can even be something as mundane and everyday as diligently putting a $50 note into the wallet of one’s partner, so that he or she doesn’t have to regularly draw out money from the ATM…it’s application is limited only by one’s imagination.

What I mean to say is frequently when we think about that word, creativity….we tend to believe, it doesn’t really belong to us to shape our lives. That I believe is why so many people just follow other people most of the time instead of living the life they were really meant to live.

Daily creative is when one wakes up and says, ‘today can be better than tomorrow.’ It’s all in my hands – I know it sounds trite and cliche, but that’s really the philosophy that has the power to change lives and destinies….it’s certainly not the big creativity that everyone talks about….but nonetheless, it’s one that has possesses the capacity and hope to change everything in this world.’

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