Heavy handedness

June 2, 2016

Being heavy handed to a point where the punishment is disproportionate to the alleged ‘crime’ – often wins one no friends amongst sane and well read people…I am so sorry, you can do anything to people, BUT it is impossible to stop them from thinking….deih thamby it is what it is lah!…they will all just dismiss you as a pariah.




Understand this! No one wants to be associated with pariahs…they are despicable and there is nothing worthy that one may ever hope to learn from such lower life forms.


‘Only an incredibly deranged and chronically insecure person who has absolutely no sense of how to conduct pay out analysis would ever consider using atomic weapons to control pest. Such a person is either so indescribably crazy or out of touch with modern times that he would probably have no difficulties whatsoever making Amos Yee look like the Pope.’

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