The King of Dhaka is still in top form

June 2, 2016

His majesty is still sartorially splendid as ever…..


‘HRH is performing a public brotherhood service to all gentlemen – so please take the trouble to visit his blog religiously to pick up sartorial diamonds.

I don’t want to mention names, but it gives me no pleasure to inform all of you that there are still certain elements in our fraternity who insist on being a perpetual embarrassment to all of us.

As not only do they seem to insist proceeding thru life wearing gunny sacks and pasar malam clogs….but worst of all these walking disasters actually believe they look presentable.

Not realizing that when they disregard my gentle and brotherly reminders to dress cleanly and presentably…they are actually sabotaging all of us…yes! These are saboteurs! As not only do they continue to show a casual disregard for their appearance, but since they also don’t seem to mind disrespecting people and institutions by their willful neglect to pay more attention to their dress IQ…these people are letting the side down by wearing dirty shoes and no bothering to coiffure their hair for business meetings….please set aside some time to think about this seriously.’

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