City harvest church leaders and jail time

June 3, 2016

The issue is not whether they are guilty or innocent. Or even whether some of them deserve such stiff sentences…to be perfectly honest with all of you…I don’t know the answers to the above questions.

What I am particularly interested in is HOW will these people make the mental, physical and spiritual transition from a free and easy life to jail…say what you want but Singapore prison is no joke. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s a violent and crime ridden cesspit…I am sure it’s not given Singapore’s organizational efficiency….but it’s certainly a radical change from the lives many of these church leaders are accustomed too.


‘These are not ordinary people like me and you. No they are not…for one they believe (real or imagined), theirs is a highly blessed and favored life…to put it another way. They actually believe, they are special…very different from me or you. For me if the shit hits the fan and I have to go thru a very rough ride…I will probably just suck in and say, that’s life. That’s it. The end.

But not for this people. There is always a biblical and even supernatural idea of why they MUST all go thru this for the greater glory of God’s kingdom on earth. So to me, these people are very different, if they experience hardship,they actually believe, there is grand design to all this…it’s not random…it’s very deliberate and part of unfurling narrative – so to me, it’s very hard to visualize how such people will take to life behind bars in Singapore.

As hard as I try to imagine….I cannot.

I can’t. As time will probably move so excruciatingly slowly in prison…if it’s a five year sentence, it will probably feel like ten if you’re lucky and have a well developed reading habit or find yourself sharing the cell with other believers and if it’s ten…by the time one comes out, the best years would have passed right by.

I don’t for example even know what some of them may be doing to prepare themselves for this harsh reality of life as a jail bird…are they perhaps sleeping on floors instead of cushy mattresses now? What about trying to get by with four soggy slices of planta bread and watered down tea for breakfast or just a hard boiled egg and cabbage and plain rice for lunch?

How might they be mentally and spiritually preparing themselves for this transformational change….that’s really what I am interested to know.’

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