Intimidation, fear and bullying

June 3, 2016

Whenever crooked people deploy intimidation, fear and bullying as a means of soliciting compliance…agreement and consensus. Then I know almost intuitively..deep down, these are very fearful and confused people…neither do they have a coherent counter strategy and worst of all…all they are doing is broadcasting their intentions to others.

Only very stupid people would ever do this…broadcast their intentions to the whole wide world,

This is not only stupid, but you could even say it is No No in the art of war – as logically if you really want to attack someone…you should never tell them what’s in your mind…keep them guessing as that sucks up men and material…but once you let your intentions be known…then there is no mystery any longer to your designs and without the element of surprise….how can be no decisive victory?


‘As a general rule of thumb wherever possible I always strive to work towards detente and peaceful coexistence with others even should I not see eye to eye with them. Even should I fail on that target.. Wherever possible I always try to provision a face saving way out of the crisis…war is never personal with me, it’s strictly mathematics in motion.

As I happen to believe, it’s bad for business, bad strategically and bad for society to push people to one corner…for example many PAP apparatchiks like to call Dr Chee a gangster…but what they all seem to do quite consistently is fail to audit what they did to him and his family…and the same happened to many people as well.

I am sorry I only live once so I will have to speak my mind – my point is push people to a corner and they’re likely to feel frightened, desperate and since they have nothing whatsoever to lose…it’s conceivable they too will push back and when that happens all bets are well and truly off…as beyond that point anything and everything is possible….Now how smart would that be?’

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