Being your own boss

June 6, 2016

I don’t think, I ever consciously made the decision to be my own boss…not at all. That’s to say, I never came up with ten bullet points why it made more sense to go into business for myself than to work as a salaried man….all I really desired was to be able to work without the hassle of politics or the need to pretend to be someone who I am not and to have the freedom to think and do what I feel is right and true.

In other words….I was sick and tired of pretending to be someone else.


‘The modern compact between firm and worker is a very sick deal. There is no other way to describe this arrangement. Wonder no more why so many salaried men are increasingly asking, ‘why is it so hard for me to derive a sense of fulfillment from work?’

In my opinion, it is no longer possible for one to derive a deep sense of satisfaction from being a salaried person in this age…this is because the modern compact is not about emancipation or self discovery or even respecting one’s self esteem or actualizing one’s life goals…how can it be when the first lesson one learns in the modern working regime first requires the modern worker to be dumbed down….and this you do by subconsciously buying into the corrosive idea of how one should and must define individual and organizational efficiency…success…what to do etc etc….only after this social conditioning has been successfully programmed is it possible to drive him or her as hard as is humanly possible. In return the worker is given just enough money and trinkets to enjoy his or her leisure time like a hamster running on a wheel that goes nowhere, but never really enough to allow him or her to exert any real sense of directing their future.

Once one begins to see modern working life in this corrosive sense – then it becomes very clear that work and everything that we associate with it….must be a very sick thing. Then it becomes very clear why working for oneself is not optional…it’s a necessary if the goal is to lead a purpose driven life.’

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