The reincarnation of Mr Azme in Malaysia

June 7, 2016


Thru the years I have always been a very aggressive advocate who encourages firms to grow beyond Singapore.

I used to have breakfast in Encik Azme shop in Bedok during the weekends after cycling around east coast with the brotherhood.

I am here to bring in the crowd…I hope I don’t only attract flies.


‘The ethos to go where no mind dares to go….is not new to us. We have been doing this as far back as fifteen to twenty years ago. At it’s inception it was a very controversial philosophy as it went diametrically against officialdom – but that is only because many of them never ever felt the need to engage us meaningfully to ask further what was really behind this philosophy. Hence they could really only perceive it as a form of rebellion, hence Goh Chok Tong’s rant about stayers and quitters…not that we were ever bothered about what he had to say. That may sound arrogant IF you didn’t realize what really motivated us to do what we did was driven by a very sound rationale to improve our lot. Like I said, it’s a very powerful and compelling philosophy – and if you go to South America, Africa and the Ukraine today and touch base with many businessmen who may have once taken to this idea like fish to water. You will find that many of them will speak very passionately about this idea of going where no mind dares to go. In fact I get asked this almost 99 out of 100 times…what does going where no mind dares to go mean? And on virtually every single occasion, I have told others…that is for you to discover…many people are very disappointed with my answer, but I feel it’s important never to impose limits on this conct, hence it should be open ended and if possible, the scope for improvisation as to what it really means should never be corseted- that is because we don’t see the idea of a man going beyond his comfort zone and venturing out into the yonder to discover his el Derado as quitting. Not at all! I don’t really know myself how self discovery and broadening one’s mental and experiential scope can ever be equated with quitting. If there are any quitters at all, it is those who opt to stay super glued to their comfort zones…that is why for many years my philosophy was considered a romantic throw back to the age of discovery, it was even ridiculed and those who subscribed to it were even labelled as brain washed people, but I don’t believe that to be a very accurate account either…if there is one compelling reason why I feel this remains the most robust business model for one to gainfully seek sustainable wealth creation it is because it requires one to severe the umbilical cord from Singapore. Paradoxically this remains the most reliable way for a businessman to actually accumulate the core competencies necessary to grow his business in an innovative manner….there is no other way.’

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