If you don’t get along with ppl

June 8, 2016

That is fine! Ideally, you should strive to get along with others…but if it’s uphill and it’s a bother..it’s fine to sit it out quietly all by yourself in one corner….But never try or want to get along with others so much that you end up buying into their emotional baggage, politics and struggles till you lose sight of why you even do, say and think the things you do.

……keep the goal always in mind….keep a sense of scale and perspective.


‘Confidence is not just someone who everyone feels at ease with. Neither is it about how many people in a room takes to you. Or even whether you can string a sentence without mangling your vowels – at one level of understanding that may well be confidence. But the highest level of confidence is when one is perfectly as ease and even in one’s element when one is standing alone…there is no pressure to perform…no need to impress others or to even feel the need to make conversation….as the self has disappeared completely.’

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