Break out!

June 9, 2016

Businessmen who are very experienced and well versed in the art of war will have absolutely no doubt appreciating how dangerous I am….if they didn’t know then…. They will know by now…they’re dealing with an assassin creed…..if they are one or even two levels beyond the rudimentary understanding of the art of war. They may also suspect that my new found strength is also my curse and in truth….I am very very vulnerable.

Only the phantom mirror continues to mask my real intentions and the extent of my weaknesses….but it is conceivable, they know…after all, they have been outclassed and professionals have been contracted to fix me.

The professional will not be like those egomaniacal bumbling idiots who I am accustomed to crossing swords with – he will go back four possibly even six years….he will assemble very carefully and meticulously a detailed picture of how I have managed to accumulate my wealth. He will play this image in his head again and again and at times he will even say cryptically to himself, ‘yes….’ He will even mull over every single detail, no matter how benign and mundane of my strategy to endeavor to get into my mind…..his goal is to predict my next move…if he is smart, he will try to force my hand…if he is smarter, he will wait….it’s very hard to say.

So far they have tried everything from flattery, women, liquor and greed….my security cannot be breached… is solid!

My recent land acquisition to the North is nothing short of a surprise attack….no one expected it. Planned and executed meticulously, it was designed to shock, demoralize and render all attempts to exert command and control futile…..I do not know the completeness of this outcome. But even by the most conservative estimates…the effect must be devastating on my business rivals….they must be reeling.

Now I am like the pocket battleship, Bismarck one hour after sinking the Hood. Everyone expects me to sail full steam for safety….that is the logical thing to do….but I will do a U turn and prepare for yet another strike!

So far I’ve broadcasted enough disinformation and dead ends to fill a telephone book – it’s impossible for them to fathom my next move…there is a lot of speculation…postulating and conjecture….but nothing definitive.

No one…absolutely no one would ever expect me at this stage to cut my engines and wait and prepare for another show down…that is precisely why I need to do this NOW.

This time it will be a wipe out!

Business is war!


‘The highest acme of war is to do the unexpected….by this, allow your enemy to ALWAYS believe he is in full command and control of the outcome and if possible even create the conditions to make this great lie possible…it must be seamless and everything must appear to be as such.

Once this is accomplished…the trap is set.

The enemy will be lulled into a false sense of confidence….he will let his guard down and even take refuge in the idea he is secure and untouchable.

That is the moment when one should strike like a cobra….understand this! There can be no decisive victory without surprise!

Study and research this well…the art of war.’


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