The indomitable spirit of Kong Hee

June 11, 2016

This guy is looking squarely down the barrel at ten stiff years behind bars….say what you like but that’s the bare minimum…say what you like…jail time in Singapore is as tough as it can humanly get. Even for someone who is twenty it’s back breaking, for a guy pushing fifty, it’s maybe twice or three times harder on the mind, body and spirit.

But the curious thing is he ain’t sweating…why?

That’s the part I have great difficulty wrapping my head around!

Neither is he planning to bolt either….which to me is mucho strange and incomprehensible. Might he be planning to do a runner? Well that would make perfect sense to me….but he doesn’t seem to be going down that road.

After all, he’s already fifty and if he decides to spend ten years in the slammer – it’s probably going to be his best years down the drain…after that his best years are well and truly over.

So what is it that gives Kong Hee such indomitable strength to face the brutal facts of life behind bars…what am I missing here? Is there a narrative that is going well above my head that I am not aware of….is there perhaps a place where a man who is going to be incarcerated can seek refuge in called sanctuary?

Or maybe….just maybe…..there is such a thing as a God after all?


‘All my life. I have searched for God. Please understand…I genuinely want to believe. I don’t mean search for him in the way you would look for something you once lost….but I have really searched for him beyond the dictionary meaning of the word search….I am not like most people who would just join others to do things that they have to believe in just to belong…to be part of…I don’t give two hoots about fitting in…I could just as well stand on my own like one of those deserted shark infested islands smack in the middle of nowhere….I may not be jumping with joy, but if I had to do just that and say to everyone on this planet…there is no God! I see no problem doing that. My point is I wouldn’t mind doing that….not at all.

But this Kong Hee business puzzles me no end….it bothers me enough to keep me awake in the dark – everyday I go thru what he’s doing in Facebook and I don’t see a man whose afraid….I see a superman….and I ask how is that possible?

Could it be…there is such a thing as a creator after all…is that possible? Have I been blinded all these years by my false pride and arrogance to such an extent that I can no longer see the truth for what it is?….even if it stands right before me!

After all what else other than the grace of God can give a condemned man such fortitude sagacity and will power to bear the unbearable….except maybe the grace of God.

What the hell is happening here…I want to understand, but I don’t understand!’

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