Using women to blackmail me

June 11, 2016

As I predicted. My business rivals have deployed women to try to blackmail…..yesterday when I was dinning all by myself in the palace of one thousand pleasures which is a sea food restaurant….two scantily dressed ladies who I have never seen before approached me.

They proceeded to offer me whisky and after dinner one of them suggested that we should all adjourn to a nearby Inn for what one of them described as – ‘a good time!’

So naturally I began to jump up and down with joy exclaiming ‘whoopee!’ All the while asking what they planned to cook for me….they were both taken aback by my response, when I asked them both what they were going to cook for me. One of them even told me in a surprised tone, ‘not that kind of good time.’

To which I feigned abject disappointment and that was the end of that caper…..thereafter they both left dejected all the while complaining, ‘what sort of crazy fellow expects us to cook for him!’

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