Big rain last night

June 20, 2016

Last night a big rain woke me up rudely at 4.20. I sat up the whole night right thru morning – it’s not the volley rain that is usually associated with La Niña. No it’s not. It’s the good sort of rain….but even then, it’s hard to say for sure whether this is the first La Niña rain. Besides it’s bloody June! And it shouldn’t even be bloody raining at all!

I’ve put all my chips on La Niña being a no show this year! If I get it wrong…it’s going to be very costly. But the way I see it, I still don’t believe La Niña is going to follow in the wake of a diminishing El Niño.

Farming is like Russian Roulette and one just needs nerves of steel to see it right to the very end!….for better or worse…come what may!

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