Harnessing the power of the dark side

June 20, 2016

If you’re angry with the world. Then I say don’t ever take your eyes off me. No! Don’t look down either…it’s a flaming sea of lava….just keep your eyes on mine and make every effort to disregard everything that is happening around you…soon you will be so very still and once enter this state of tranquility….observe and sense this life force of anger scissoring right thru you. Notice how it’s speeding up your heart rate, frying your brains and sending you reeling in all directions. Observe it carefully…as it is a very powerful force – study it long and hard and if possible detach yourself from it in the way, you separate your mind, body and spirit from your very essence to stand and observe what it’s doing to you and how it’s destroying every aspect of your sense and sensibilities – now set about learning how to harness this force like a windmill or water wheel…imagine yourself as this structure that can take and convert this force into something gainful and dedicate all of your consciousness to harvest that negative energy in the way you would focus stray light into a pin point like a laser beam.

Remember don’t look down….keep your eyes on mine! Or the spell will be broken and you fall. I want you to know one thing – I’ve been there….the very same place you find yourself in right now…..even know all trap doors of that place where every passing moment cuts like a knife!

Do not fear it…understand it…and make it work for you!

Now direct that concentrated energy of the sun to something significant, transformational and historical. Fuck the world! Because if you happen to have that as a starting premise in your life….being different…even if it’s just being angry…that a rare gift….it’s a form of power like the wind, sun or sea.

Learn to use it!

But I need to warn you – it’s a double edged sword….it can be perdition or salvation…..heaven or hell….you’ve got to get the philosophy right. I know that’s a big word that intimidates, but it just simply means – you need to have a life goal…a strategy…a game plan where you can work towards that mythical point where X marks spot!

I am not like most people. I don’t see the idea of being different as a curse or character flaw. Most people if you take the trouble to observe don’t ever have that sort of raw intensity or unbridled verve in their lives – they’ve never felt that life force pulse thru their veins before. Never! They have only read about it or seen it in the movies….but they have never felt it before…it’s like being a vampire walking amongst mortals! It’s like trying to explain snakes to Eskimos! The vast majority of humans go to work, save money, take holidays, get married, have kids, hold down the same job for 20 or 30 years, take their quota of shit that life shovels at them and they just die.

But if you can just learn to direct all that energy that makes you different to something significant – and I am not even talking about inventing rockets that can make it all the way to Mars. I am referring to really mundane stuff like how to make scramble eggs better than anyone else in the world. Or how to fold paper aeroplanes that can fly higher and further than anything that has ever existed before. Or even sometime as forgettable as how to mix paint in such a unique way that people would just stop, pause and look at it longer than usual, because it provokes and stirs something deep and compelling that they have never sensed before….then I think you’re on the right track of harnessing that once destructive force into something useful and meaningful.

But if all you’re good for is being different for the sake of being different – then I say, there is no mileage there lah. Look here! That’s a dead end!

Because one day when you hit your thirties and you’re still living with your parents hacking away at a computer in a room where overnight pizza and clothes go to die and your nett worth is a tube of Mentos and the sum total of your blog entries with X or Y cachet of readers – that counts for nought lah!

You know why….because that’s not reality. Let me tell you what is reality – reality is when you can make things happen – when you can harness that which marks you out as different from the world to make a difference.

Alan Turing was different. He was so different that, he was even light years ahead of his time that was why they feared him – but when you consider the sum total of his singular contribution to mankind amounted to shortening WW2 by maybe two years and a bit more and saving maybe twelve million lives…that puts it all into the right scale and perspective….the power of being different and what it can do. Same goes for every man who has been able to harness this power of being born different.

It all begins and ends right there lah…..take and run with it and I guarantee you, it will serve you, people and planet very well. Go the other way and I say, you’re just throwing away a rare gift.

This is wisdom that your mama and papa will never even share with you as very few people know of this and can appreciate it for what it is….now you can look down…now that sea of lava that used to scare the living day lights out of you means crud…as you have wings!


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