Victory Disease – ‘Senshoubyou’

June 23, 2016

In business strike with the element of surprise on your side…keep it short…keep it manageable…be mindful and above all realistic as to what you can and cannot do. Never get embroiled in protracted campaign that threatens to transform into a war of attrition.

That is what your business rivals wants you to do…tie you down…keep you looking at the rear mirror instead of up front….make you worry about stuff like whether have enough juice to reach home…..

Trust me…you NEVER ever want to get into the bottom pit of a war of attrition!

It should be hit….and hit very hard…hit with precision…with the just the right calculated quantity of force and desired effect…thereafter disappear…run deep and silent…keep an ultra low profile and make double and triple sure your next move is unfathomable.

The goal is keep your business rivals guessing….all they can really do when they’re up against a shadow warrior is to speculate…postulate…theorize….plan endlessly…that’s what you want… put them into that bottomless pit called a war of attrition.

Once your rivals settle down into a mood of complacency again where they believe the status quo ante is back again….turn 180 degrees and strike hard again!

Above all never be arrogant….as when one is ahead of the pack…believe it or not, you are…you truly are…your worse enemy.

Be humble, alert and train, train, train and train for the unexpected!


‘The origin of the term ((戦勝病 senshoubyou) in Japanese is associated with the irrational exuberance following Japans advance into the Pacific Theater of World War II, where, after attacking Pearl Harbor in 1941. The imperial Japanese navy (IJN) won a series of spectacular victories against the Allies in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Although the Japanese had planned to establish a perimeter and go on the defensive…they allowed the Dolittle raid to cloud their judgement – added to that past victories encouraged them to continue expanding beyond their point of supply limit to where it strained logistics.

This to me has always been something that I can’t understand even today – as during the first few years of the pacific war – the INJ was literally the best navy in the world, not only in terms of men and material, but they even outstripped the American Pacific fleet by a factor of 4 to 1 – this was high quality and very experienced fighting juggernaut and yet it was literally cut down to size during the Battle of Midway in 1942 – till today people who play war games seriously have simulated what’s the possible outcome – and on virtually every single play, even with one where it’s sympathetic to the Americans – the Americans always lose…..they lose all the time in a simulated war game. The Japanese win, but in reality in 1942, the INJ experienced such a catastrophic defeat involving four aircraft carriers and their entire highly trained naval air wing was completely wiped out overnight….if I had to supply am explanation how did a bunch of third rate amateurs take on the INJ and bloody them blue and black till they went down for the count and never got up again….it’s got nothing to do with numerical superiority, intelligence, quality of men or material….if anything this illustrates how having a delusional sense of invincibility can only lead to complete and total defeat.

That’s why when one is ahead…stay humble…disappear if possible….keep below the radar…and above all never mythologize your past victories…what has happened is over…that’s all water under the bridge….stay humble, alert and be prepared.’

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