Be very good at what you do….and you will be able to create your own lucky break

June 24, 2016

Dedicate yourself to be the very best that you can possibly be….by this I mean, dedicate your mind, body and spirit know everything there is to know about your field of expertise…ONLY when you commit yourself totally and completely, not once, not twice, but so many times that everyone knows that you are the indisputable subject matter expert…the man who is literally indispensable to the mathematics of the formula success in a project.

Then you will stand apart from all other men.

Not many men know Africa….truth is the very idea scares the living shit of them…it gives them the runs. But those who know are highly sought after by businesses….it’s economics…Africa is the easiest place to earn big money PROVIDING you have the arcanum to manage the risk.

This has nothing to do with arrogance and everything to do with knowing WHAT needs to be done and most importantly HOW to conduct yourself as a subject matter in your field of expertise…if these two criteria’s are not in the palm of your hands – then walk away from the deal….like I said, it’s got nothing to do with arrogance or coming across as an obnoxious son of a bitch…Africa is not a place where a man decides to venture to on Sunday and hatches a business plan by the end of the week to start a multi million dollar mining project….you can do that in EU or the US, but not in Africa – get it wrong on the first step and you may just end up with a full metal jacket bullet right between the eyes.

Be good at what you do…aspire to be the very best in your field….be so good that if the subject comes out even so much as casually in a garden luncheon…your name comes right out.

It’s automatic!

With that money will come very naturally…you don’t have to chase it…it will chase you….never do it the other way round…that’s the mistake most people commit – they charge high, but since they’re woefully short on the delivery quality and reliability of fulfilling their commitment – it’s a one time business deal…thereafter they have to live for their rest of their life with a crummy reputation of a big talker whose short on the doing – if you want to do under that sort of configuration my advise is please consider a career in organized crime.

As a professional once the movers and shakers know you are the best and the man who can deliver the bacon – you will always have been eating out of your hands like pigeons.

Be assertive. Be polite of course, but remember to firmness is the confidence to say ‘no’ and if all the criteria’s are not met….just walk right out of the door.

It’s never personal, it’s business!


‘Understand this! Understand this clearly because it will only come once and if you don’t catch it the way you’re supposed too nice, snug, tight and with a reassuring thud that it’s there to stay in your hands….you’ve lost the plot.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LUCK! Fuck bunny foots, magic amulets or anything else that is suppose to alter the interception of destiny and fate….as for God, to be he’s optional…we all make our own luck. That’s to say, you, me, the guy whose serving us dinner or even someone who you hardly know in the street are all dealt the same deck of cards….sometimes if you’re lucky you get a pair, not a very strong one, but if you edge it right….you may just bring the house down. At other times, it’s jokers all the way with cards that really take you no where….but that doesn’t mean you can still sip your cognac and exude that knowing expression to others on the same table that you may well have royal flush….that you can even wipe them all out along with cleaning out the casino in Monte Carlo…do you see my point when I say, we make our own luck…as for the rest, you could just throw it all out of the proverbial window and it would make the least difference to the outcome of your life.

But remember if you can buy into that notion. As ridiculous and implausible as it seems that a man,..any man can make his luck…can step on that invisible line where date and destiny intercepts called X marks the spot…then, it would have absolutely no problem understanding why I say, we all…without a single exception ALL have the capacity to make our luck and put it all together.

It’s as simple as that…the tragedy in life is most people discover this truism too late. Some even die without even the slightest inkling about what I am talking about…the business of making one’s luck….that at least was what Africa taught me so very well…..they said…or least some did…I sold my soul to the Devil to come to wealth in Africa…maybe they are right….if I had the opportunity to go back one more time, maybe…just maybe, it would have been different…but even then, I probably have to make my own luck for it to all to happen the way I imagined it every night.’

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