Blast from the past…..or maybe not?

June 24, 2016


Got nothing against bell bottoms per se….but what I can never ever figure out is why would any sane and respectable gentleman pay good $ just to impersonate a tree?…that at least is how I see bell bottoms on men….talking trees….thinking trees…trees that can even drive.

The idea of trees and bell bottoms to me seems to be so encrusted that it’s one inseparable reality.

The bell bottom craze…well it lasted for a good five years…so you can’t say it didn’t have a respectable fashion run…in my opinion it was just one of those moments when men’s fashion took a wrong turn….but you never know with fashion….it always has a funny way of coming back and bitting you when you least expect it.

Recently I came across someone wearing it in the streets….and to be perfectly honest….he looked cool.

So hold on tight…as bell bottoms usually come with disco….actually I don’t mind disco…infact I quite like it….so my hope is bell bottoms gives us all a big miss, but disco stays!


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