Gold – the ONLY real currency of our age

June 25, 2016


It’s only a matter of time before the clever money will migrate with both feet knee deep into the gold…I am not kidding – that’s given…with the turmoil in the Middle East, oil is quadrupled fucked for the next five years…and with the latest shocking move by the British to decouple from the EU and refloat the £ – good luck to them…even if they can’t possibly do it with the systematic constraints on the Bank of England (real or imagined…matters little) either way, that very prospect alone is going to precipitate a massive flight of capital…to where. Equities are well and truly double if not tripled fucked…all that’s happening for the last ten years from what I can make out is the same money is just playing music chairs – no capital Injection there….not the sort that can really revive an already beleaguered market that is so cashed starved that it needs to cannibalize itself just to stay afloat. All these investors are holding on to is worthless paper that one can just as well wipe their ass with….that’s how worthless paper currency has become in the last five years – to me it makes far more common sense to go back to basics and to own physical gold – not the paper variety where you just get a colorful paper with credentials to say your gold is stored in some basement that you have never ever or will ever see in your lifetime – I am talking about the real stuff that you can hold, put between your teeth and bite it really hard to make a mark. I have absolutely no doubt – none whatsoever in a matter of just weeks alone, not even months – the sublimely clever money will begin to come around to the wisdom of hoarding up on yellow metal. Besides the writing is already well and truly on the wall from everywhere ranging to Cairo and Brooklyn – money is not longer what it used to be…at the bloody unmitigated the world’s central bankers with the complicity of the IMF are printing valueless money it’s going to be only a matter of time before they debase their currencies.

Say what you want about gold – it’s unyieldly, but it’s traded for over 5,000 years and it’s always kept it intrinsic value within the acceptable limits to hedge against everything from war, famine to an economic melt down of mega proportions – for the first time in perhaps 200 years, I expect in many parts of the globe bankers will now have to get a handle on the hubris of how to perpetuate economic growth with the absurd notion reconciling with negative interest rates – I simply don’t see this as sustainable any longer and coupled with the recent absurd British move to decouple sterling from the Euro – the world has never been closer to the edge of the cliff….only gold…the eternal currency makes any sense now!

As for the rest…they don’t even come any where close.



‘To me the idea of personal wealth management has nevertheless ever been about HOW much you can earn in one calendar year…or even what is your nett worth at any given moment in time. Neither does it have any corresponding link to your intelligence or how well educated you might, but to me those factors are optional…if you ask me what is the ONLY defining philosophy of sound and competent personal wealth management…it really boils down to one sentence:

‘Do you really know the value of things?’

Now! That is a very very compelling and deep question – I am not asking of you if you walk into a shop and there is a big sign there that says, JM Weston, Zegna blah, blah, blah, blah…..then you know instinctively, you’re in one of those places that presumably sell good things that usually come with four digits.

That’s not what I am asking of you….but you have to excuse me. I have to attend to some matter urgent matters in the field. I will return to write more about this subject that involves the whole enterprise of knowing the value of things…please excuse me.

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