Spy clothes and hidden pockets

June 25, 2016

I’ve got to admit…one reason why I much prefer to tailor make my shirts and trousers has a lot to do with my fetish for hidden pockets – and thru the years, I’ve sought out tailors from Nairobi to Paris (especially bespoke shirts) to accommodate my fetish.


The hidden pocket follows the outer seam line…very discreet.

Turn it around and viola! Hidden pocket!


Same goes here! The only revelation that this pair of trousers may possibly accommodate a telephone book is two discreet belt loops to support the weight…otherwise…it’s impossible to tell.


Again Viola! This time the hidden pocket goes all the way down two inches below the knee without spoiling the lines.


When it comes to shirts…unfortunately only one tailoring Maison in the whole wide world seems to be able to accommodate my unusual request for hidden pockets…the rest just roll their eyes, make teeth sucking sound and say…I am sorry sir, it cannot be done!


I don’t expect anyone in Malaysia or Singapore has ever heard of this shirt Maison – but what I am especially fond of is the impassiveness in which the master tailor will enquire about the specific details of what sort of shoulder holster am I wearing etc etc…and the way in which this is conducted is as though, he’s talking about roses and primroses with a glazed smile like a dolphin….very considerate…very professional….very discreet…that’s a service that I am willing to pay premium for!


Nope! I don’t imagine for one moment you will ever know what’s underneath there…really…and I am not kidding when it comes to sartorial discreetness and understanding for the needs of a frontier gentlemen…imho no tailoring Maison can and has ever come close to Le Maison Charvet when it comes to the practical realities of what a gentlemen needs and how he will always insist on putting his best foot forward despite the obvious constraints of turning the wheel in life in difficult and harsh places….I wouldn’t be surprised…not at all if they can even manage to secret a 747 underneath my everyday wear.

They’re not the cheap…not at all….but they do deliver…and that to me means everything and much more!

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