Ten years ago….

June 25, 2016

Ago I asked everyone to go into gold…do yourself a favor. Don’t be lazy – you owe it to yourself in the good name of due diligence – go find that post written some ten or eleven years ago. At that period, I had to put up with a ton of shit from armies of Mr know it all…they came from top, side, center and even the bottom to torpedo me – while they steered all the wide eye unassuming sheep into the equities market as they successfully sold it to the masses as la Dolce Vita…the new hope…that I saw and called out as a Ponzi scam.

Today the SGX is the living dead…so you judge for yourself who was right on the money and who were the con artist.

But having said all that – there is one redeeming feature – historical charts…especially the ten year ones that track every single day of every month – they don’t ever lie!


Even if you balance it out with this….I reckon there is loads of room for the upside when it comes to gold and silver.


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