Diminishing meetings of minds

June 26, 2016

Don’t be crazy….no one really wants to go to war in business…no one really wants to break fellowship and start a Cold War. No one really wants conflict or strife either – all these things I just mentioned…sucks up time, resources, brain juice and it’s a bloody waste of opportunity cost….BUT

Yes there is always a BUT…As it’s reasonable and even sensible to expect within the sum of probability in one man’s life – there will always come a time in his life when he can no longer put off choosing….understand this….understand it clearly…I am not talking about pie in the sky stuff like doing the right thing or being true to yourself.

Truth is I don’t even know what those phrases really mean – I just know they sound good, wholesome and probably give you a feeling of warmth – that’s why those sound bites are always used as a prefix before someone begins to explain what he did and didn’t do that’s controversial.

Like I said…I don’t know and if I don’t know I am not in the habit of pretending I know….

All I know is when the chips come down – you have to choose one path or the other.

Sure! You can tend towards safety…or that’s what you think at least…you’re better than them because you can see the bigger picture etc etc….again another meaningless soundbite that I don’t understand.

Or maybe since everyone knows you turned the other cheek or let a transgression slide…forgive and forget…. and by doing so…you may even be able to seek fellowship, oneness and understanding from the vert same people who will always tell you…you did the right thing by looking the other way…walking away…or just pretending you didn’t see or hear what was said or done….my point is, YOU as the elemental individual have every capacity and right to do all that and let me tell you something really funny as well – you will even feel happy, healthier and sleep better at night for believing in what you choose to believe….BUT..yes that word keeps jumping out like a crazed Jack in the box!

But life doesn’t work that way – it only seems too because the movie business always needs the provision the promise or hope of redemption to close a narrative….fact is at times, you can’t allow things to just slide….because if you do. All you’re doing is painting a bull eyes on your back for others to take pot shots at you….it’s an unpleasant business, but at times you just have to stand your ground and hit the otherside so bloody hard and everyone for a radius of two hundred kilometers hears about it….sometimes when crooks think they can pull the wool over your eyes….you just have to show them that they all they did was buy into a life time of grief…this is the only reliable way to keep the peace….to be able give as well as you take….always, remember this: People never remember the crowd – so fuck what they have to say. Besides the accounts keeps changing all the time so that would just blow away like dust – the only thing people will ever remember is the one person that has the courage to say and do what no one dares to ever do…they make talk about doing what you did….but even they know….that’s the deep end and it’s very dark, still and very scary there…..get used to it, some people may not even respect you for what you once did either, they will whisper behind your back, stand up and just walk away when you take a seat…..but that is ONLY because they know deep down – they don’t nearly have the balls of steel to do what you once did.

Only be smart about….if anyone ever ask you whether you really did what they all said you once did….just laugh it off and exclaim like a jolly good fellow, ‘I thought we were friends…what sort of question is that?….what sort of bloke do you take me for?’

….and everything will just work out fine.



I really like tweed specifically (Prince of Wales prints )…..most tweeds IMHO suffer from a Dr Jackal and Hyde personality syndrome, that’s to say while they may look endearing close up and personal, but from afar one comes across as a bag man or vice versa…but not the Prince of Wales prints, I find this pattern to be quite robust in conveying La effect. As it seems to fulfill both criteria’s with great versatility under every conceivable lighting condition.

Fortunately, Tweeds these days are no longer tweeds…that to me is not such a bad thing as originally, they were primitive, parochial and woven by people who used fish bone needles…like wearing gunny sacks. Besides real tweeds are simply too darn hot for the tropics…so although I happen to be great fan of tweeds along with appreciating it’s deep roots in English Country life – as a tweed appreciator, I am much happier with the modern re-engineered tweed – like most things these days that used to be like this or that, but are now closer to this and that, but still encapsulate the look, feel and texture of what it was originally without the minus points – modern tweeds are continually improved by loo mers and have been re-imagined, restructured and re-engineered to a very high performance standard – tweeds these days, especially the super light range Japanese variety are both cool and durable….don’t even require a lining – but it takes a certain savior faire to match tweed to convey the right look – for me, I like my tweeds to be paired with heavy no nonsense brogues – as for the top, it should be simple as there is already so much going on below the belt.


I like the way the sleeves on this shirt folds up just once – no, it’s not an elastic band that creates the effect, that’s just the way it’s tailored….it’s supposed to be worn ONLY rolled up just once….and no more.

Look how my Alsatian plays death – she’s dumbstruck man!


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