Why the British move out of the EU is good for people and planet

June 27, 2016

There are many people. Many, who may be rolling their eyes and throwing up their hands into the air – BUT if you notice, they are all happen to be only the corporate cigar chomping fat cats and power brokers who can really only see the UK thumbing their noses at the EU as the proverbial spanner in the works – no doubt what has occured is historical! There is no doubt, there are really so many things thrown right up and nobody for sure knows where or how they will all fall to shape the final outcome.

All they can do is speculate….postulate….theorize.

But one thing is certainly in the cards – if theory pans out into reality within a few years when the devil of the details have been well and truly worked out – the UK will no longer be a member of the European Union.

To me this is far from a catastrophy – if anything it simply illustrates how so many parts of what we consider to be globalized economy is and has always been chimeric at best and a tragic social and economic experiment that was doomed to fail!

Though we know so little about how this will play out – one thing is certain…this idea of nations opting out from security blanket of the EU will increasingly gather momentum amongst other EU countries.

Truth is the theoretical science – a supranational bloc of countries all stand a better chance of perpetuating social and economic growth by creating a borderless world where people, labor and goods can move free and encumbered merely appears sound in theory – in theory, the single market economy that the EU is premised on has systematically dumbed down most EU members to such a point of intellectual anorexia – that many of them no longer posess the core competencies that once made France, Holland, Germany and even Greece great – all they have managed to accomplish despite their best intentions and efforts is to McDonaldlise trade and commerce and industry thru out the entire EU to such a sad point where whole generations of Eruropeans with possibly the exception of the French and Germans know how to manufacture anything original any longer – added to that corrosive economic melting pot – the unmitigated transmigration of labor and people thru out the EU has not increased the living standards of most Europeans. Infact, it has created an economic Chernobyl that has created perfect conditions for boom and bust unsustainable business cycles, stagnation, wage regression and emotional anxiety that continues to fester and create serious social fissures and deeper divisions than even threatens to even divide rather than unite Europeans.





I am especially fond of this field jacket….only bc the tailor suggested a very narrow and unconventional formal peak lapel…I told him quite directly that’s very unplanter…but he was most insistent as he did mention, I have a tendency to be slightly sloppy when wearing tweed pants and my shoes tend to have a military tenor about them…so as I did remember saying to him, ‘do what you like!’….the green is very subdued….just a hint…linen and silk with wool around the waist to presumably convey the planters modus of airiness. It cuts wide with very liberal waist suppression to assist free movement in the field, but I felt the master tailor did corset it very well to create the perfect balance between executive formality and a wabi sabi bottom feel….but I was advised to either pin a flower or wear it with a loud pocket square to achieve la effect!

‘What makes Europe the greatest trendsetter in the world is their ability to lead the world…I am not talking about $. As to me that’s the lowest common denominator of inventiveness, panache and intellectual verve – I am referring to diversity, choice and authenticity….if you take the trouble to notice, shops in Paris are all very real – we are not talking about coded business models where if you walk into a Burger King outlet in either Orchard Street or Munich – they look exactly the same, the same layout, same counter service floor plan, same time and motion theory of how to serve up a burger in three minutes flat!

That to me is the corrosive philosophy of globalization and Kenichi Ohmae’s ‘borderless world’ thesis – as a social and economic theory in a nutshell – the goal is the anti thesis of individualism and venerating diversity, range and variety – it’s all about feeding everyone whose a member of this dumbo club the same tasteless gruel and passing it off as edible food…you know I once asked a lady in the supermarket….do you have any idea where these carrots are grown and how…and all she could manage was look at me with a dumbfounded look as if it’s some pick up line….that’s how dumbed down people have become…they don’t know how cotton shirts are made any longer…forget coffee as well, everyone claims to be a professor in baristaring, but you know what? They know nuts. I once even went to McDonalds in Newton and after taking a look T the shit that they claimed was edible food…I asked the manager where’s the beef….you know what that idiot did he call the police – like I said that’s the summation of globalization as philosophy to transform everyone into exactly everyone else…someone who reads the same books, listens to the same music and even thinks and forms roughly the same opinion on their objects of interest….and should you depart even slightly from this idea of how to define personal and organizational success everyone calls you weird and no one ever buys your products or sees the wisdom of engaging your services….so maybe you can tell me where is the value added when the only thing that globalization as a school of thought seems to ever perpetuate is the premised on the aphorism – same shit, different day!

Take the way I dress – I am a planter. Now I don’t ever have to broadcast that to knowledgable people who are well travelled….I don’t that’s my wonder weapon of how I differentiate my services from my many competitors – as those who know can all tell – it’s all there for to the discerning eye…my trousers are usually helmed one full inch higher than usual – and when I prance around the field in formal wear – as at times I have to rub shoulders with VIP’s – they can tell instinctively I am wearing field socks, the sort where a man can even fold his trousers discreetly and hold them up two inches below the knee cap to prevent them from getting muddied – my point is I just didn’t read up on this or get up to speed on it by just investing ten minutes reading a GQ write up by some hack who knows even less about how to dress appropriately like a respectable planter….I used to mix with other European planters who did the same in Africa..I used to dress their shoes and I even took notes – real gentlemen, who know how to field dress in such a way that conveys competence trust and a certain lineage of heritage and elegance in the way they take pride in the lost art of manliness – and why is this important – because I don’t see dressing well as just something to do with the vapidness of dandyism – to me it’s strategic…deliberate….well conceived and executed like a commando mission and that’s how it really is in the real world – no one is ever going to consider handing you a one thousand hectare concession if you’re a slob and someone who rolls up his trousers like some mandur! That’s reality…that’s life! now you compare this cultivated custom of how to dress like a real man to what one regularly sees these days….people who dress in suits and they don’t even wear socks or roll up their sleeves as if it’s a bloody shirt….now if you really what to know how did all that shit leach into the art of manliness – then look no further….globalization!’

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