Why Britian’s exit from the EU is good for Asia…especially Singapore

June 28, 2016

I don’t doubt in the very beginning…there will be wagon loads of nay sayers who will harp on and on – this is a monumental social and economic step backwards for the EU and UK and perhaps even for the whole idea of humanity…..then again NEVER ever forget…these are also the very same people who stand the most to benefit by keeping the status quo ante intact….so to me, they have as much credibility quotient as Count Dracula wordsmithing the annual report on the national blood bank.

I wish the British the very best of luck! I believe it was right, timely and necessary for them to go their own way…a plucky move that I am very sure will prove difficult….complicated and even fraught with all sorts of political intrigues by those who know that this represents curtain call of their goal to control the world and it’s affairs.

And when more countries with the EU see that Britian and a independent Scotland are benefiting from this bold move – the idea of breaking away from the ridiculous idea of big is beautiful can only inspire many other countries in the EU and elsewhere to do only the same……take control of their social and economic destiny and not simply sell it off for a tuppence – a superior way of doing things always trumps an inferior method…..I am certain the British will have the last laugh at the end of the day and the whole world will follow suit.


‘History has a funny way of coming around – Britain starting from the mid eighteen century tried to show to the rest of the world – they knew how best to live, work and play…it was a hierarchical, top down affair with convoluted chains of command and control…the problem with that idea was it was not very efficient – so to accomplish what they planned it came at an extraordinary cost of loads of gunpowder, men in uniform, propaganda, nationalism, insularism, myth making etc etc along with maybe a truck load of ideas that were really much suited to the medieval period……today the British are once again leading the world on how there is a much better way to live, work and play without having to give so much to the ridiculous idea of work that work in the EU always seems more of a grind than a source of joy, litany than arduous journey with no end or beginning, hope rather than the black hole of nihilism…and many people will be watching how the British navigate the complexities of this historical period where they now stand very much alone like the island that they have always been – many will look on, some with skepticism, others with derision and askance….I like to believe, I am one of those who belong to the hopeful….the sort of people who actually believe if anyone can pull this off marvelously…it’s the British!….but that is NOT REALLY THE MAIN POINT OF THIS ESSAY!

As look very carefully what the common man is saying – this is not just UK planning to decouple from the EU like two Lego blocks peeling off – it represents a historical shift in power from state to citizenry, officialdom to grassroot and most importantly it’s a crie de coer from a significant majority that they don’t want to live under the social and economic architecture that is conceived by the privileged class of elites any longer…John Smith has literally given two fingers up in the air with a forward thrust of his manhood about what he really thinks about their utopian farce…..the sudden pull of the UK from the EU will likely reverberate across ALL other trade clubs like the WTO, G20, TPPA even ASEAN will feel it’s effects etc etc…as contrary to what many intellectual pundits have said, this is not simply xenophobia per se….if it was really that simple, so many of the elites would not be experiencing spikes of high blood pressure along with sleepless nights – the rationale for the UK to decouple from EU remains a compelling and logical narrative with measurables, pay puts along with hard nosed trade off’s – and given that it’s laced with such a coherent rationale that makes perfect sense to what is currently on offer – the UK’s sudden move to pull out from the EU will be like a torpedo that will rip thru steel and leave a gaping hole on the leviathan that drives the whole philosophy of the common market in Europe….either way….one thing is certain…things will never be the same again as the elites now know, they can’t just railroad droves of thinking folk like fettle to think, behave and act the way they want them too – neither is that sort social engineering on such an industrial scale easily achievable any no longer without real penalties…backlashes of electoral losses included….the have simply given the idea of a common the market the thumbs down enmass, it’s even conceivable they may have just decided to put their foot down and not even move back one single millimeter while shouting out in one clear voice….enough is enough!

We no longer want to simply exist as ants…we want to live with dignity, hope and pride like humans!

Well done Britian!

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