The hard lessons of Brexit for businessmen and Singapore

June 29, 2016

When a fuck up of mega proportions happens…as with Brexit…I just don’t let it go right by…there is a very simple philosophy that guides my outlook to when governments and firms take a very wrong turn – I always try to learn from it…yes, there are lessons….plenty to be gleaned out of this event and other such mega upsets.

I once hooked up seventy computers to recreate the epic of mid way – I poured thru every single detail of how that battle panned out….minute by minute…after that I did again and again and again and again….

Same with Brexit – what lessons can policymakers, politicians and businessmen learn from this epic upset. First never try to control people too much – provision the illusion they have such a think as a choice (even if they don’t) – this requires skill – that was what the European Commission and the European Parliament were totally ambivalent too – the need to always provision the illusion that the small is in full control of his destiny – but what they did instead was to come across as so bureaucratically over bearing to the point where they over-regulate and killed the idea of autonomy…individuality…choice…perogative…they dropped an atomic bomb on those invisibles by force feeding a pheltora of non consultative, unilateral and unreasonable terms on the private sector and on the consumers. Even fucking farmers in the EU were told what to grown…as for cheese makers they were even told how they should conduct their business.

Second, the EU policy brainiacs failed to produce quality jobs for their young people – they paid scant regard to the whole idea of dignity of labor that is a corner stone of brotherhood philosophy. In some of the EU countries, youth unemployment went right up into double digits – while real jobs that could support a sustainable lifestyle for most Europeans simply became a forlorn dream. The bureaucrats in their ivory towers in Brussels simply lost sight of Maslow’ theory – the idea that work means nothing at all when it’s NOT coupled with the idea of dignity labor and a wage that respects people and their right to actualize their dreams – instead all they did was pump out reams of meaningless data to convince the masses jobs were created without ever once….not even so much as once paying heed to the idea of quality jobs that can sustainability support a decent standard of living – instead the business environment promoted liberalisation under the name of meritocracy which only benefited a select privileged few will defranchiseing and alienating the masses…..aka they treated people like cattle!

Thirdly, the proponent of the EU economic policy should have ensured that the fruits of globalisation and integration percolate down to ordinary hard working Europeans and not just the privileged, highly- educated urban elite – had they paid homage to the idea of egalitarism and income equality instead of dismissing it as just a necessary social economic cost for perpetuating their new order – Brexit would never have happened…

Observe….learn…and don’t ever make the same mistake….as it makes more sense to learn from the mistakes of others!


‘To manage oneself and others well…one would do well to craft a philosophy. Otherwise there is always the danger of being labelled a used car salesman or worst still a ‘dishonorable son.’ Many politicians. So called influencers and so called leaders have to live with that adjective as they don’t have a philosophy – theirs is a notion of doing what is most expedient of pays out the highest – as a consequence these people debase themselves without even realizing it. Recently I went to a function and a politician’s aide de camp asked me in a concern tone – why don’t I seem to pay and respect to his boss…I told this man quite plainly, he’s a Lalang – that means if the wind blows this way, he will lean that way…and if it blows that other way, he will lean that other way as well…so what is the point is cultivating the friendship of a man with no philosophy as to HOW or even WHY he lives his life – I went on to tell this person after all, how far can he can go in life…..he’s a bad investment…I went on to tell this aide the camp in a sardonic tone, it’s best if he worked for men of consequence….this in a nutshell is what happens when a man or woman is not able to convey his or her philosophy to others clearly and unambiguously…he or she can only come across as inconsequential…insignificant and devoid of all depth….and that unfortunately is true of most people and the most conceited part is they wonder no end why they are poor and no one wants to be associated with them or why when they open their mouth – no one seems to be very interested in what they have to say….life is cruel!’

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