Fear mongering of Brexit has begun in earnest

June 30, 2016

As I mentioned…and I am not surprised…not at all. Many so called ‘experts’ will tell you all Brexit is closer to perdition than salvation. They will also patine it with insularity…xenophobia…parochialism…and irrational fear.

Only bear this always in the mind – the very people who stand to lose most from the UK pulling out from the EU are those who stand to benefit most from the idea of a common market…..i.e they have a very clear agenda to engineer public perception in order to convince the masses…this is not a good thing.

Always bear that in mind!

It always invariably goes back to only one aphorism – cui bono?


‘If trade blocs and free trade agreements really promote free trade – then I will not have any problems with that idea…why should I? I am not a communist – I believe wholeheartedly in the idea of capitalism…the problem as I see it is the innards or shall we say the raison that once made capitalism great and the gold standard of the economic order has broken down into a mish mash of what I can only describe as a nonsense – that only seems to benefit a few and deny the masses the right to set their elemental right to live, work and play with dignity and a decent wage.

Trade blocs and free trade agreements don’t benefit people – if they did, then why would so many farmers Mexico run the risk of crossing the border to the US – because their livelihoods that once supported whole communities and nourished the idea of the common good has been totally eviscerated by the idea of globalization.

Globalization has dumbed down wages to a point where the PM of Singapore even tells people quite openly, no need degree lah! Just go and work!

That is because globalization cannot possibly produce a sustainable means to provide the average Joe even a morsel of a chance to strive for the good life….if that were really possible why things and opportunities beyond on the reach of so many people these days who work so hard…something is fucking wrong here….something may even be bloody broken in half…what do you think – so why should I support supranational slavery just for a the sake a few elites who have never ever worked one single day in their life before?

Today a fat woman who weights two metric tons told me – I read your blog….you are a communist! I told her that I may well be…but at least I don’t have to wake up every morning and look like you every day! Good day! My point…is the Brits are not dumb…they made a wise decision…a turning point as to how we have always seen personal and organizational success has been rewritten….but like I said, they will many derelicts and arm chair philosophers who will always try to convince you it’s all doom and gloom after what the Brits did – but that is not true…they will thrive…jobs again will be revivified to be real jobs….opportunities, the real ones will emerge and the British will be great again!

That at least is how I see it!

I want to give power back to the common man – I want him to believe in the idea, if he worlds hard and puts his shoulders to the wheel of life and turns it diligently – then it will all come around – the good life.

Is that so wrong….what the fuck do I care about the stupid delusional new global economic architect of a few mad people – why should I even bother about what they have to think….why?

You see it is very simple…you can’t fool people like me…not at all! As I happen to know what the game plan is!’

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