The art of seduction & business

July 1, 2016

My business rivals have come to finality of the awful realization – they are dealing with an ‘unknown quantity.’ A man who is written in an alphabet that even they themselves know, they cannot ever hope to decipher….read….nor understand.

So far I’ve been throwing out so many smokes grenades and building halls of mirrors – it’s impossible for anyone to fathom my next move…it’s impossible – they used to believe…this fellow is a wash out! Now it seems, I am like a restless tiger out on the prowl.

As a businessman who has outwitted them so completely and totally….I can well understand their anxiety along with sleepless nights.

I can even sympathize with their fears (real and imagined). I even considerable empathy for them…after all to be defeated so completely…out from the blue without even the merest sign that I would have ever happened….must really be so shocking that they MUST at least make the effort to find out my next move….yes, the very idea of not knowing is a form of psychological warfare…it is eats into them like some creature that burrows and consumes flesh…how terrible it must be for them, not to know…to always live under the shadow of what will happen next?

Surely even they would all know by now I can swallow them whole like a crocodile! Surely even they must wonder to themselves – what else can he do after pulling off that last stunt….surely everything is possible from this point onwards…and that in a nutshell is the theoretical science of psychological warfare – it is not what will happen….rather it is the possibility of what will happen.

Yes… I see their fears now…I see it clearly in three dimensions and in the marvelousness of technicolor…..and I understand….I understand completely!

To attempt to fathom the unfathomable – they have engaged the services of a femme fatale – no this is no big tit Sengkang Sally….they know sex doesn’t work with me, as I access to internet porn. So in this case the spy is a plantation lady with an impeachable education to pique my interest…, she is not a ravishing beauty…but then again my business rivals have tried and failed so many times with that ilk of women…so it’s not surprising for them to change their strategy.

I came across her in the village church (no I am not a Christian, but since that’s the only place with a piano, even a badly tuned one…I do play my violin there) – on this occasion out of sheer courtesy to the institution….I did on this occasion p have the courtesy to pretend to pray…it’s not hard…I just play mental Soduku in my head and viola my face takes on a forlorn, introspective and reflective look – and instantly I knew from just the mere look in this woman’s eyes…as she was observing me – there was a momentarily quiver of her lips and she even blushed ever slightly which suggest, she’s may perhaps feel a sense of guilt and lack the conviction to carry out her mission with resolve….I can tell…trust me …I can….that is very good…as I don’t need a lot of material to undermine her will…after all she’s dabbling in something that morally divides her…she’s not sure any longer…nonetheless I must be on my guard. As her mission is to infiltrate me, gather intelligence on my next move and relay it back presumably to my business rivals.

But I am sure all that can be changed with a dash of serendipity, epiphany and of course the prospect that I may not actually be the man who everyone says I am.

I will turn the tables round with the art of seduction….please understand, it’s nothing personal, it’s strictly business!

Business is after all war! Is is not?

Besides I am a dangerous man….and I do wonder sometimes why is it so hard for some women to see that – it is after all what it is!


‘June is not only incredibly hot….my God, it’s dry as well…so dry that La Niña may well be a no show…for this year. So seems to be very interested in building roads…why should they…the ground is hard…it’s still possible to transport fruit thru the labyrinth of plantation roads NOW!

But I have started to build roads….secretly of course. This time I will use a mixture of big rocks at the slopes and top them off with gravel…this way when the rainy season comes only I will be able to transport fruit to the East…the others will not be prepared for this….everyday I spend at least ten hours supervising the construction of these roads to the East.

I need to do this….I need my business rivals to believe I will use these roads during the rainy season – but I have no intentions to do so….you see it’s just an elaborate decoy to create the illusion that, that is what I plan to do – but instead I will use the northern roads….and again they will be outwitted as they will have to spend so much money, time and man power trying their very best to flood the eastern roads…roads that I don’t ever plan to use….do you all see it so clearly now…how business is war!’

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