The poisonous fairy tale that economist have sold us all…

July 1, 2016

Hook, line and sinker….the ridiculous idea, the world economy can grow and grow and grow forever!

But all fairytales – they crumble….despite virtually every single national central bank rate cuts and trillions of dollars of being pumped in the name of “stimulus” – global GDP growth is still slowing.

Despite the appearance of so much being done to revivify the global economy. Even the best efforts of central bankers and negative interest rates around the world, global economic growth has – at best amounted to nothing…the global economy is still slowing – The question is, why is this happening?

Or maybe the wiser question is why not?


‘We have all been socially conditioned to expect and demand economic growth – specifically GDP growth as a desirable thing…a key performance metric that separates the men from the boys..the successful from the losers..something which we should all strive for nationally.

It took me many years of solitude and deep think to undo this poisonous programming!

It would not misplaced to state quite categorically – economic growth has a god like quality, especially the idea of perpetual economic growth…it is now the new religion, the myth that things will get better every year…that it will grow and grow and grow…like one of Jack’s magic beans….how this miraculous can be accomplished in perpetuity BASED ON MY EXTENSIVE RESEARCH HAS NEVER BEEN EXPLAINED!

It is a fait accompli – a belief predicated on not fact or reason, but simply belief for the sake of belief – to a planter that idea. It is not even an idea…it is just a notion…like how scratching my balls… is as ridiculous as flying elephants – to me, the economist have been peddling a delectable form of mathematical alchemy….an elaborate lie that they have successfully packaged and sold to every single person in the civilized world – just as it’s not possible to transmute lead to gold – I don’t believe it’s possible to grow sustainably year after year…that is not possible – and even if that idea is realizable – it may not be such a good thing either. As most of the time when we look at the metric of economic growth – we seldom ever ask ourselves – at what cost to people and planet did this all come to us?

Is it worth it? To spend twelve hours in the office…instead of spending quality time with family. What does it all do to our mental, physical and spiritual well being? What of the environment?

Every year fire rages in Indonesia….it has become a fact of life that no one is even surprised these days..why? Put it simply that’s the cost of perpetuating economic growth without factoring the cost and penalties…do you see how only when we are prepared to unlearn many of the things that has been programmed in our head since the moment of our youth – that’s it’s possible to see that economic growth frequently comes at a terrible social, cultural, environmental and human well being costs.

Currently there is little or no understanding whatsoever of this overshoot and how unsustainable and damaging to people and planet it is to make this idea of perpetual growth work…but I have a feeling not very long for now a new economic order will emerge…one that perhaps takes it’s cue from the well of wisdom – nature….things come, they grow vigorously at first, then they mellow… slow down and eventually, they ALL go back to whence they came from…the good earth and the whole wheel begins all over again…rotating thru the continuum of time….but man is not content to accept that natural law….he fashions himself as the very maker where his mantra is even God calls me God – wonder no more – why you never ever hear nature playing this silly game called growth at all and every cost or forever growth…she is too wise for the stupid games men prefer to play!…they only think they are smart….this is not wise.’

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