SOP – standard operational procedure

July 2, 2016

Today I popped over to one of my business rivals office armed with a bouquet of plastic roses – I knew that fuck was holidaying with his big tit China mistress. I have his housemaid under my payroll to gather intelligence…..coming to think of it of it my information gathering services in the kampung even makes Mossad look like the pre internet age of the Encycpodia of Britanicca – I zeroed straight for his personal secretary..a late thirties MILF…during the tete de tete which lasted for over five minutes by the end of it, she was sitting on the edge of the desk provocatively – that’s when I asked her whether I could see the master plan for the estate….what he’s planning to do. She was guarded at first…but I assured her it would be quieter over there….besides we would have more privacy….and opportunity to get to know each other better along with rummaging all the boxes…not inbox…not Xbox either….but The Box, (not that one, rather the variety with all the full sized master plans of the estate in three inch square scale) – after all I am a surveyor whose really just interested in laying pipes… – besides I promised to take her out for the best Char Kuey Teow and giant prawns along with other giant things thereafter…she happily obliged.

I claimed to be a surveyor….again.

On the way out she asked, you’re awfully well dressed in your bush jacket as a surveyor…I winked at her and told her with a grin to die for…you have no idea how competitive the market is these days….you have no idea what I have to do!

She smiled with a sympathetic to be and as I mounted my land cruiser she came over and held me to my promise…to which I replied…good things come to those who have the patience to wait.

I’ve feeling she will be waiting for a very long time – after all I’ve got what I wanted….what else is there?

We all been there….. Mossad should really hire me as an instructor to train their agents.

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